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Welcome to Whitby Jet Gifts, We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website. Here you will discover a range of hand crafted jewellery and gifts using the finest grade Whitby Jet collected by ourselves from the rugged and beautiful Whitby coast.  There is also a Fossil gifts section and an Art section with updates to come. Use the row of buttons above to navigate around the site.

 Whitby jet jewellery & gifts

Most of our Whitby Jet gifts are hand made one off pieces. We also offer a bespoke custom made service whereby we can make something to your own design.  Another popular service offered is to allow us to set a beautiful piece of highly polished Jet into one of your own mounts or settings. More details on both services can be found here or on our services offered page.

Examples of custom bespoke work can be found here.

Our ordering guide section has clear details on how to purchase, payments accepted, shipping and our returns policy.



So what is Whitby Jet...?  Around 180 million years ago the jet items for sale here started life as monkey puzzle trees. When the trees fell some got washed out to sea where they sank and over tens of thousands of years became buried in the sediment on the ocean floor. Under immense pressure the fossilization process started and 180 million years later the fossilized wood known as Jet is being turned into beautiful bespoke items of Jewellery. When polished it's deep black waxy lustre and warm touch gives it an alluring beauty which is unrivalled by any other gemstone. More information on Jet and all the materials used in our jewellery can be found in the Materials guide section.

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 *****  This months featured items  *****


 Mens Sterling Silver Signet Ring

Mens Signet Ring

Whitby Jet & Sterling Silver bangle


Whitby Jet & 925 Silver Crab Pendant


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