Hildoceras Bifrons_01
Code:   (Ammo#1)


A lovely specimen of a fossil ammonite, Hildoceras bifrons, collected from the Bifrons Zone, Upper Lias, Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Hildoceras bifrons was an ammonite that lived in the oceans during the early Jurassic period, approximately 200 million years ago. 

This specimen is from the Jurassic period (206 - 144 million years ago)

Period: Jurassic (Early), Bifrons Zone, Lias (Upper)

Absoulute age: 178 - 183 million years old

Rock: Lias (Upper)

Zone: Bifrons Zone

Size: 11 cm diameter

Whitby Fossils Whitby Fossils
Whitby Fossils Whitby Fossils



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